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Learn About Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Inc.

You will learn about potential mechanical problems as we find them, allowing you to arrange for preventive maintenance. Your hood system is the entry point for grease vapours in your kitchen’s exhaust system. Beyond what’s visible, there are many areas that become coated in both hard and soft grease deposits, which must be removed regularly to ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

ilters come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, depending on the type of system in your kitchen. During each service, we soak the filters in a deep-cleaning solution, removing all deposits. Filters are required, by the Fire Code, to be cleaned weekly – we highly recommend soaking them in a degreaser solution overnight before running them through a dishwasher.

KEC will clean your exhaust system to NFPA 96 requirements & pictures of your system will be taken before and after cleaning and will be available to view. Proudly servicing: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford and Stratford.

Fully Trained and Insured Employees

  • Workers Compensation: Compliance
  • General Liability: $5,000,000
  • Fidelity Bond: $5,000
  • WHMIS: Compliance
  • HACCP: Certified
  • NFPA: Certified

Computerized Telephone Timekeeping System

We are one of the first companies in this area to install a computerized timekeeping system. This state of the art system requires all employees to clock In and Out of your building(s) using an app on their smart telephone with GPS tracking. The system helps ensure accurate timekeeping and attendance. It will automatically alert a supervisor in the event of absenteeism. Supervision inspections will also be tracked. The end result is a higher level of quality and consistency at your facility.

Quality Control

  • Trained Personnel
  • Inspection Reports available