Hood Filter Cleaning

Maintaining and replacing the hood filters in your commercial kitchen exhaust hood is more important than you might think. Hood filters or grease baffle filters are designed to remove the grease laden vapors from the air before they contaminate the exhaust hood ducts. Properly maintained filters are an important line of defense against a grease fire in your restaurant.

Cleaning Hood Filters: Hood filters should be cleaned every day to keep them free of grease and maximize their filtering capability. If you have a high temp dishwasher, run your hood filters through the dishwasher. If your filters are aluminum or galvanized we do not recommend cleaning them in the dishwasher. Chemicals used in commercial dishwashers will cause aluminum and galvanized filters to turn color and corrode.

Replacing Your Hood Filters: Conduct regular visual inspections of your restaurant’s hood filters. When your filters become dented, corroded or are no longer easy to clean, it’s time to replace them. KEC clients can purchase filters directly from us at our cost. We’ll measure, deliver and install the new grease baffle filters free of charge. Because they are the most durable and easily cleaned filters available, we sell only stainless steel hood filters.

Brutus Power Tub

Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

  • Completely degrease conventional and Captive Aire Captrate® filters, of any size, inside & out.
  • Save Water: The Power Tub uses only 35 gallons to clean 20+ filters.
  • Ensure Clean Water Act / EPA / City Water Code compliance with complete control of your waste stream.
  • Power Tub cleaned filters greatly improve air flow through your ventilation system, creates better air quality in your restaurant and reduces temperatures in your kitchen.
  • With cleaner filters, save money with decreased hood system cleaning frequency.
  • A complete solution, including tools for floor cleaning, pressure spray cleaning behind/under equipment and lower hood cleaning.
Brutus - Kitchenec Inc.