Rooftop Maintenance
(Grease Containment)

Managing grease on rooftops is a critical responsibility for restaurant owners and general managers, given its potential risks. We conduct regular inspections of your rooftop conditions. Following each service, the condition of the roof is documented in a comprehensive report, offering insights on preventing future grease buildup. We also provide photographic documentation for your insurance provider and property owner.

Installing a grease control system on your restaurant’s exhaust fan serves as the primary defense against rooftop grease damage. However, occasional oil leaks may occur, necessitating attention following exhaust fan cleaning and maintenance.

The presence of hazardous rooftop grease poses risks to personnel or contractors working on the roof. Additionally, the acidic nature of grease can cause damage to the roofing if not promptly addressed.

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Commercial kitchens endure significant stress and activity, with chefs and restaurant owners investing substantial sums in cooking equipment such as grills, fryers, rotisseries, and more. Naturally, grease is emitted into the environment during cooking processes. Kitchen hoods, exhaust fans, and ductwork are employed to channel odors upward and out of the kitchen. Regular roof inspections and maintenance are integral components of a comprehensive roof grease management strategy.

Restaurant owners and managers understand the importance of scheduled maintenance and upkeep of rooftop grease containment systems. They recognize the critical role this plays in maximizing the effectiveness of these systems. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that rooftop grease containment systems function as intended.